Offering practical safety solutions for your business

Abacus consulting primary aim is to offer safety solution that compliment your current businesses practices and can, in the long term add value to your company by improving health and safety. This can lead to improved employee welfare, loyalty and performance.

Case Study: Esso

Our work with Esso over the course of a decade dropped workplace injuries dramatically year on year. By merely simplifying the processes in place, in often creative ways, we were able to have the employee engage with the safety of themselves and colleagues.

Using prior site operational experience, we created a number of creative and innovative ways to deliver safety messages. This was combined with strategic delivery to ensure that all messaging was appropriate for the audience in question.

At the end of 2011 Ian Shuck, Abacus Safety MD, was awarded the ExxonMobil Gold Medallion for Leadership in SSHE, after ROC UK finished the year with the lowest ever recorded incidence rate in the history of the company.

Esso (ROC UK) 12 Year Safety Performance

Through the introduction of simple but effective Safety controls injury statistics over 400 sites was reduced year on year, achieving a corporate leading performance.



Advising companies on current H&S Compliance and offering solutions to meet current standards. Solutions that are compatible with current business operations.


Mentoring Services

Supporting existing H&S functions in implementing and delivery of behavioural safety management systems. Many businesses have safety management systems in place but are still incurring employee or customer injuries. A mentoring service can help identify ways of making the SMS come alive amongst the employees so that you can create a truly effective and safe environment for both your employees and your customers.


Third party Auditing and assessment

Provide analyse on why safety systems are not effective and are not engaging with employees.

If a business needs an independent trained auditor to come on a regular basis but do not require a full time employee we can provide the service.  Working with the business to either the audit required for the business or simply conducting the in house audits on the businesses behalf and delivering the results as required.


Hazard & Risk Management

Able to provide support on a short term basis to assess work areas or to review and update risk assessments for new tasks or behaviours.


Incident Management

Provide support with incident investigation or setting up incident and near miss reporting strategies that will be effective in your business.


Training Support & Seminars

Abacus can provide talks and presentations on various topics such as

    • Successful safety = Successful Business
    • Why should I bother with Safety?
    • OSHA/HSE it’s all just extra work?
    • Human behaviours, its importance to successful safety.
    • These and other subjects can be crafted to meet the environment they are delivered, where a short slightly humorous ice breaking session

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