The journey to a successful safety culture does not necessarily need to be an uphill task. There are, of course laws and regulation that must be followed for good reason. This blog is aimed at practical measures that can be used to enhance a current safety culture or to share new ideas and thoughts on how we can work “smarter” to achieve the desired safety goals.

Back in 2010 a report was written for the Government titled “Common Sense, Common Safety” by Lord Young. The report looks at the growth the of the “compensation culture” in the UK. This is a concern to small and medium size businesses as a claim against such a business is not only costly financially but also in terms of time, stress and long term effects on the business.

When you look at your business are there simple changes that you can make to incorporate good safety practices into your current operational structure? Can you create a few simple processes that will not only add a further due diligence aspect to your business but also enhance general standards and over all consistency within your operations.

At Abacus, the goal is always Safety First, but this can be achieved and still add value to your company and have a positive effect on your workforce.

A little pragmatic thought and the not so common, common sense can go a long way to improve safety in the workplace.