You may be thinking what has a chemical commonly found in your Chinese take way got to do with safety, well the MSG I’m thinking about has more to do with the Olympic cycling team and their success over the years.

Marginal Safety Gains, I’ve added the safety aspect but the principle still stands. The idea that looking at all the small details and improving each one will improve the whole overall applies to safety as well.

When you look at your safety system for your business you may well have a Policy and handbook in place with a folder of risk assessments and method statements and a HSAW poster on your wall but it is the small changes can have a big impact. For example, why not use a “What’s app” group chat to help improve staff communication, along with a staff notice board and a quarterly meeting. Suddenly you have a multi layered communication strategy with little effort and with little time taken out from running your business.

Another example would be regular monitoring of your business. Why not combine ladder, warehouse and PPE checks all into one document, get a different employee to conduct the check time and then reviewing the content. Take out any redundant question and focus the checklist on the areas of greatest risk. This way the checklist becomes an asset and adds value to your overall safety.

By concentrating on quality processes over quantity your safety can really add to the success of your business.

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