For any company facing the prospect of creating  a new health and safety culture within their business, the prospect can be very daunting. It is not complicated but there are just so many elements to it. Where do you start ? what do you need? how do you know if it is sufficient? Does it meet the needs of the law and my business. All these questions often put people of and the proverbial can gets kicked a bit further down the road. I started to think of it as a jigsaw, you put all the pieces together to complete the picture, the more complicated the business the more pieces you have. I always started with the edges of jigsaw, get the framework in place first and then add the pieces in the middle to reveal a completed jigsaw picture or in our case a complete health and safety system.

My advice is always start with a safety management policy that outlines your key activities and policies to govern and guide those activities. Then build in some specific risk assessments that cover all your key activities. Creating these will cover 80-90% of your day to day activities and then when you come to a more bespoke contract/job you can add to your current risk assessment library with a job specific assessment that may take account of more specific geographical or environmental factors that need to be considered. Then look at training, are all your employees trained, is there training program in place?  With these in place you are starting to build the boarders of the jigsaw the framework is in place.

Once you have the framework in place you can then start to look at other pieces such as monitoring, communications, checklists, signage and posters. All of these and others help to fill in the gaps and completed the picture. All of this is done over a period of time that fits in with the operations of the business and is a process of steady growth and development. Building this culture steadily over a period of time allows the elements to settle in and to allow employees assimilate the changes at a pace that they are comfortable with and at pace that means they take on board and buy into the changes. As with all changes good planning and good communication to all those involved is hugely important and can influence the success of the project.

As a new blogger I have tried give a very brief overview of how I see the development of a health and system can be developed over a period of time, and of course Abacus Health & Safety is here is offer advice and support this process just drop me an email at or call 07841295210.